Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Outfit: Snowblind.

Original 60s vintage floral dress: Etsy || Platform boots: Vagabond

Probably the oldest dress I own, it's simply perfect! It's originally 60s and it got like the most beautiful colored floral design. It got nice puffy sleeves and a nice A-Line fit. Simply perfect for spring.

Love x

Monday, March 20, 2017

Outfit: Never Say Die.

Studded and patched leather jacket and velvet lingerie top: Zara  || Paisley shirt: Secondhand || Navajo jewelry: Vintage || Round metal sunglasses: Ray Ban

A classic Rock 'n' Roll outfit for starting the week, that leather jacket is one of my favorites. This look is some kind of boho/punk mixture which I love. Still a bit grungy, but still a bit 70s and american. 
Love x

Friday, March 17, 2017

Outfit: I walk through the fire, I run through the rain.

Red floral dress: Zara || Platform boots: Vagabond

Here's one of my favorite dresses of all time: This beautiful red floral dress! It really can't get better, it got the perfect red shade, a beautiful flowy and ruffled design and you can clearly see it is vintage inspired. I really can't wait for the hot days to come when I can finally wear this beauty outside. I kept it simple and combined it with navajo jewelry and some grungy platform boots.

Love x

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Outfit: Red, White and You.

Corduroy jacket: Dresslink || Biker shirt: gift // Shop from San Francisco || Bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Cowboy boots: Gamloong

A relaxed Cowgirl spring look for today. I received this beautiful coffee cord jacket from Dresslink the other day and I immediately liked its cropped fit. Cropped jackets are always best with some denim shorts to me. I combined it with loads of navajo turquoise jewelry and some western boots.

Love xx

Monday, March 13, 2017

Outfit: Solitude - Black Sabbath.

Floral lace sleeves dress: Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren via ASOS || Platform boots: Vagabond || Navajo jewelry: Vintage || Floral crown:  Primark (old)

Summer isn't far away anymore, so here's already a little appetizer - I like this dress so much! It's made of such a great and soft quality and it looks like a vintage dress. I wanted to already have some festival and flower vibes in this look, so I wore my flower crown again. I've had it for like 3 years now, those never get old. 

Love x

Friday, March 10, 2017

Outfit: And if you go, I wanna go with you. Take your hand and walk away.

Western jacket: Vintage || California shirt: Gift from the US || Bandits shorts: One Teaspoon || Fedora hat: zara 

For the end of the week here's a casual road trip like look - and one of my favorites this month. I bought this cute jacket secondhand, doesn't it look nice? It's really western inspired and I simply love it together with the Californian tee and some laid back denim shorts. 

Peace x

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Outfit: Little sun.

Cable knit cardigan: Romwe || Paisley shirt & fedora hat: Zara ||  Harley Davidson fringe cropped shirt: Vintage via Urban Outfitters || Cowboy boots: Gamloong

For this Wednesday I have a laid back boho look. I received this soft and cozy cable knit cardigan from Romwe a few days ago and I immediately liked its oversized and chunky fit. Especially when during those colder spring days it's the perfect layering piece. Here I'm wearing it with a paisley shirt and a fringed vintage  biker shirt. This look literally shows my kind of casual, this is definitely my favorite outfit combo for an everyday look.

Peace xx